This is SO me!

This is SO me!

Monday, November 15, 2010

We Need Your Vote!!

Back in December 2009, the select chorus from the school I work at, The Jaguar Singers, performed on one of our local Baltimore channel's morning show. On Monday mornings, they always have a group perform the Bangle's song "Manic Monday". Well, the news crew picked our chorus as being one of the 5 best performances of the year, so, they opened up voting to pick THE best performance...we need your vote(s)! Please go to and to the right of the home page you'll see 5 groups to chose from. Please vote for Jacobsville Elementary School! Right now, we're in 2nd place, but we'd love to see our kids win!!! You can only vote once per day from each computer. Please ask your friends and family to vote for us, too! I know the kids would REALLY appreciate it!!! The winner will be announced on the channel 13 morning show at the "Mammoth Manic Monday Meltdown" on Monday, November 22nd, so please vote and vote daily until Monday!


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