This is SO me!

This is SO me!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Beautiful Christmas Present!!

I have the most thoughtful, giving, and talented friend named Gloria!!! Make sure to check out her blog Girl Gone Stamping.  Look at this amazingly beautiful album that she made and gave me for Christmas!!!!

The front flap is kept closed with a hidden magnet under the tab.  Such gorgeous papers!! (If you click on the individual picture you will get a larger image).

There are so many overlapping pages!  Some open from the left and some open from the right.  Here there are 3 tags in the center pocket.

Another pocket with a large tag:

Here there are 3 overlapping pages:

More gorgeous pages:

Another large tag:

So many tags!!  3 more!

The last page in the album- a gorgeous tag of Santa and his sleigh:

The back of the album is just as gorgeous as the front!

Gloria, thank you SO much for such a wonderful gift!!!  I will treasure this album as much as I do our friendship!!!!  Hugs and Merry Christmas!!!


  1. OMG. That is beautiful. Lucky duck! Rose

  2. Truly a work of art! Gloria is so talented.I knowy ou will treasure this very special card.

  3. That woman has talent coming out of her butt! For Goodness Sakes, she is so good! Beautiful Mary and you deserve it!

  4. Your a lucky woman to have such a talented friend.

  5. Mary, what a wonderful gift from a wonderful friend. I know that you will treasure it. Stamper Pete


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