This is SO me!

This is SO me!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl CHAMPIONS!!

This post is not really craft related but I couldn't pass it up.....yesterday was Super Bowl beloved Ravens were playing the San Francisco 49ers in what was touted as the "Harb-Bowl" or the "Super-Baugh" since the coaches of these two teams are  brothers- John and Jim Harbaugh.

After a loonnngggg,  nail-biting game with a 30-some minute delay because the lights went out, my Ravens came out on top by beating the Niners 34-31.  This win is extra special because this was Ray Lewis' "last ride".  He's retiring.  No more #52 making hard hitting more "General" leading the team...but...he's going out on top- as a Super Bowl CHAMPION!!! 

Ray hoisting the Lombardi Trophy while the confetti flies.

Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco.

Ray still holding onto the Lombardi Trophy on the flight home to Baltimore.

Now to make this post sort-of craft related, here are 2 pages I did in my SMASH book to celebrate Super Bowl XLVII:
This was a lot of fun to do...especially when I could finish it this morning with a winning score!!!!

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