This is SO me!

This is SO me!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Christmas in July Happy Mail!

I love going to the mailbox when there are fun things in there waiting for me!  Happy mail is always good, but Christmas in July Happy Mail is even better!!!  My friend, Tracy, who is now living in Alaska, sent a Christmas in July package full of wonderful items!!!  Check out what was in my happy mail:

A fabulous hand stitched Grinch mug rug:

Along with the mug rug, she included a brass Christmas tree ornament from North Pole, Alaska, an Alaska Birch Syrup all-day sucker, and a pack of Alaskan Dill Fish Seasoning mix.

She also included a beautiful hand-stamped Christmas card.

Thank you, Tracy, for everything!!!  You are so thoughtful and I really DO appreciate it!!

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  1. Wow that was quite the gift. What a surprise to receive this in July,


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