This is SO me!

This is SO me!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Stampin' at the.....Gym???

Last Saturday, the Meade Girls got together for a shoebox swap.  Our usual location on Ft. Meade, is no longer available to us so we needed to find a new venue for our swap.  Paula took on the challenge to find us a new place and she did a fabulous job!  We got together at the Big Vanilla Athletic Club in their community room...and it was a great place to stamp!  Roomy, bright and  best of elevator so we didn't need to lug all our stamping stuff up to the second floor!  Best of all, we can say we spent 5 hours at the gym!!! 

This was the first swap that Amanda wasn't at since she's moved across the country all the way to New Mexico!  We decided to send her our sample cards, so I don't have one of my card to show.  I'm hoping someone from the swap will take a picture so I can post it.  In the meantime, here are the fabulous cards that we made at the swap.




Kathy W.



Theresa R.






EDIT: Here is a picture of the card I took to the swap (thanks, Amanda!!!) I decided I wanted to try the starburst/sunburst technique. It's SO much easier than it seems! I had to use only supplies that I had downstairs since I had fallen and hurt my knee so was unable to climb the stairs to my stamp room. I didn't put a sentiment on it since all the wood-mounted stamps and clear blocks were upstairs. I tried to stick a cling stamp to the side of my monoand stamp it.  It worked well, however I just couldn't see through the mono to line it up and it wound up crooked...hence, the shortened front of the card!  Oh, well...anyway, here's my card:

As always, the cards are beautiful.  Looking forward to the next swap sometime in April!!


  1. Thanks for posting Mary. Great swap cards, as always with this talented group!

  2. I am sorry I missed the swap. Thanks so much for taking the time to photograph and post all the cards, Mary! Hope I can join you all in April!

  3. I love the cards we do at the swaps. Thanks for posting. They were all beautiful.

  4. Thanks Mary. The cards were all lovely. Had a good time as usual. ROse


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