This is SO me!

This is SO me!

Monday, April 14, 2014

It's Crab Season!

I'm on spring break...hubby had to work late, so, I decided to get crafty.  It's crab season in Maryland.  Blue crabs are one of the best things about living in Maryland...crab cakes and steamed crabs...delicious!  I've learned, though, NEVER to order Maryland crab cakes outside of Maryland because they will be AWFUL!  Only Marylanders know how to make true Maryland crab cakes...and I don't know who ever thought of boiling crabs...ICK!  GOTTA be steamed...with Old Bay seasoning!  And since it's crab season in Maryland, I thought I would do a SMASH page about one of my favorite foods...

Yes, some of my cutting might be crooked, but that's because I'm still having knee/back problems that keeps me from going upstairs to my craft, I've learned not to worry about crooked edges.

Happy crab-eating to all you Marylanders.  If you're not a Marylander, you don't know what you're missing!

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  1. Oh, I can imagine how good they are!!

    Our crab of choice is snow crab - delectable!

    Great pages!


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