This is SO me!

This is SO me!

Monday, April 16, 2012

What a Class!!

On Saturday, a group of Meade Girls got together at Jane's house for Angie to teach us how to alter cigar boxes. What a fun project!!!

Working hard...

The hardest part is deciding on which papers to use- Paula's here TRYING to decide!

Our boxes are coming along...

A woman and her power tools-it's a wonderful thing! :) Angie drilling holes for the knobs...

Here's a group shot of our boxes. They are still unadorned but beautiful none-the-less! And each one is SO differnt! You can see Pete and I have very similar tastes in papers! :)

Here's my box once I got it decorated...I love it!!! (That green flower isn't really that bright in person!)

From the side...


I can't wait to make some more!! I think I'm going to make a wedding box for a bridal shower gift and maybe even put a matching bag album inside...we'll see...

Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. I want to come and play with you!!! You have the best stamping group stories and pictures......I have an empty box to adorn, just have not a clue where to start.....Oh-this may be just the inspiration I needed!

  2. Mary, your box is GORGEOUS!!!! (Then again, I have never known you to make anything "ew"!!!)

  3. These are so AWESOME!!! Now I totally need to find out where I can find cigar boxes. =D What on earth did you use for the edging? Is that another piece of paper? I need to look for a tutorial. =D Fabulous project!


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