This is SO me!

This is SO me!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Another Fabulous Meade Shoebox Swap!!!

Yesterday I attended the Meade Girls' shoebox swap and had SUCH a great time!!! Good friends, tons of delicious food and some of the most wonderful cards to make! Take a look at all the cards I got to make!

This is Jane's card. Sorry for the poor photo- because of that fun little flower, I couldn't scan it. Oops- looks like I'm missing a button! Hmm...where is my button jar??

Top- Jen/ Bottom- Sharon

Top- Dawnmarie/ Bottom- Stacy

Top- Paula/ Bottom- Me

Left- Rose/ Right- Kathy

Top- Pete (Evelyn)/ Bottom- Kathi

Left- Amanda/ Right- Mary T.

Left- Sara/ Right- Linda

Left- Vera/ Right- Lynn

Left- Mich/ Right- Ann
I think everyone had a fabulous time stamping the day away! Thanks to Amanda for hosting another fun get-together! I can hardly wait till the next one!!


  1. Some great cards.. I really love the ladybugs.

    Jessica Lynn

  2. Great cards! Looks like you had oodles of fun!

  3. Such a wonderful collection of cards- I would love to do one of these shoebox swaps- how fun!!! TFS

  4. These are great cards, sounds like such fun!

  5. Fun assortment of cards Mary. Bet it was a fun time for all of you.

  6. Great cards. Can't pick a favourite.

  7. Loving the cards. I really missed out not going. Next time!! Great job everyone.

  8. Hi There!
    You have a great blog! And look at those amazing cards!!
    I'm following you =)

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