This is SO me!

This is SO me!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Altered ATG

I finally broke down and bought myself an ATG gun...I got a really good deal on Amazon and thought "Why not?  All the cool kids are doing it!"  So, I am now the proud owner of a pretty pink ATG.  Once I got the nerve to load it (it really WAS easy once I watched the YouTube video HERE) and figured out that I need to let the trigger go when I pull the ATG off the paper, I decided to decorate it to make it "purdy" is what I did:



I still want to do something to cover up the label in the middle and I want to get some rhinestone alphabet stickers to put my name on the patterned side...but that'll come later.  I love it!!  I used Graphic 45's Secret Garden paper to line the clear side of the applicator.  It's such pretty paper and I like how it looks against the pink.  Now I can't wait to use it!!


  1. hahah, love the blinged up ATG gun!!! I should do that to mine!!!!

  2. What a novel idea. I think we may be seeing more altered ATG guns. While I don't have an ATG, I'm going to pretty up the one I have.

  3. Very Cool! Just shows, nothing is immune from a crafters point of view, lol.


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