This is SO me!

This is SO me!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Reveal Brunch- Meade Girl-style!

For the past 3 months, the Meade Girls, my wonderfully fun stamping group, have been having a Secret Sister.  Each month we sent a card to our Secret Sister and TRY to guess who it is!  The Meade Girls got together yesterday for brunch at Mimi's Cafe. Oh, my, the food was delicious!  I got the Cinnamon Brioche French Toast with scrambled eggs and bacon.  Yummmy!!  Here are a few pictures of some the girls at brunch:

...and our cute and very attentive server, Brady

My Secret Sister this round has been fabulous!  Check out the cards I've gotten:

February- we were to include a little something in our card to let our SS know that they're thinking of us.  She sent me this fabulous card, and a fun Die-manics die along with a cute little poem.

For March, we're supposed to send a card with green somewhere on it.  It didn't need to be a St. Patrick's Day card, but just have green.  I found this gorgeous birdhouse card in my mailbox on March 1st!

But, then at our March 9th Meade Girl's shoebox swap,  an envelope mysteriously appeared at my seat while I was in the kitchen getting a drink.  Hmm...two fun cards in one month!  She made me this adorable little St. Patrick's Day card and included a $5 scratch off AND an oh-so-cute moose scratcher.  Oh, and I won $10 on the scratch off!  What fun!

Surpisingly enough, I got yet another gorgeous card in March!  Take a look at this!
I am totally blown away by the coloring on this card!  Wow!!!  That image is just so sweet.
Look at this adorable card that I received from my ever-so-talented SS!  Isn't she just adorable???  I love this card!!
Then I received a surprise package in the mail- a belated birthday present.  She sent me a beautiful Art Doodle Journal, a beautiful Cherry Blossom embossing folder, and fabulously "bee-oo-tiful" card:

Here is the card upclose.  LOVE it!!!

Who was my fabulous Secret Sister you ask?  Well, it was none other than.....Gloria!  Here is the reveal card she gave me:
She used Graphic 45's Bird Song paper and wow, this card is stunning!!!  She also gave me this gorgeous Ravens' purple hat that she knitted...
...and this beautiful Christy Tomlinson "SheArt" figurine!  I love Christy's SheArt and I love this!

I kinda had a feeling it was her...just from a few little things- the moose scratcher (she's from Maine), the Bingo scratch-off (we often go to play Pandora Bingo together), she signed one of her cards from "A friend", which she has used before in cards to me, and then the Cherry Blossom embossing folder (we had been talking about getting that folder since Angie used it on one of her cards at our last SBS).   I really did enjoy all of the things she sent me...she is a FABULOUS secret sister.  Thank you!!!!
I really enjoy our get togethers and yesterday was no exception.  I am so lucky and SO blessed to have such a fabulous circle of friends!  Oh, and thanks to Theresa for taking the pictures at our brunch!

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