This is SO me!

This is SO me!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Favorite Photos

Here are a couple of my favorite photos from our cruise:

While docked in Boston, we took an excursion to Salem, MA. We visited the Salem Witch Museum, which I was quite disappointed with. I think they could have done so much more with the museum going into a little more detail about the accused and the witch hysteria. This is a photo of "Aunt Martha"s memorial stone. There are 20 stones, one for each of the executed, and are located in the old burial ground just up the street from the museum. My camera died just after I took this photo! Was Aunt Martha trying to tell me something?! :)
This photo was taken in Bar Harbor, Maine. I have never seen such fog before! And it rolls in and out VERY quickly!!! Bar Harbor is a cute little town and I would love to go back one day to explore it in detail!
This is the lighthouse at Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia. Peggy's Cove is a quaint little fishing village with a population of about 60. This lighthouse is the most photographed lighthouse in the world. Nova Scotia is a beautiful place with wonderful backroads! One day, DH and I hope to take the motorcycles up that way to sightsee.
This is a photo of our ship as it went under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge...notice there isn't much room to spare!!! In reality, there was probably about 2 feet of space between the highest part of the ship and the bottom of the bridge...still, not much room in my opinion!!!
The trouble with cruises is that you're on someone else's time agenda...I don't feel that we really got to see anything in the 4 ports that we stopped in. One of these days we'll have to go back and see what all we missed!


  1. Great pics! Wow, that fog is something else for sure! That is really awesome that you have a dear old aunt that was actually hanged for being a witch! Of course I am very sad for her though, that must be a terrible way to die. I've heard that Peggy's Cove is a really nice place to visit, that would definitely be cool for you guys to take a motorcycle trip there!

  2. That is amazing you have ties to one of the hanged accused witches!!! (remind me not to ever anger you LOL) It looks like an awesome trip!!!

  3. Great pictures! Love the lighthouse. So glad you had a nice vacation.

  4. Wow what a great cruise!! I LOVE the East Coast!!


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