This is SO me!

This is SO me!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Let's Get This Party Started!!

It's midnight on the east coast of the US and it's time to start partying!!!!

To get you started with the festivities for the Bombshell Stamps Forum Re-launch, we will be having a Scavenger Hunt. This is what you'll be looking for:

You will need to visit the Bombshell Stamps' Design Team and Pin-ups blogs and search for the
Senora Muerta logo seen above. Keep track of which blogs you find her and what the date of the post is where you found the logo. Once you've found as many as you can, email your findings to Glitterykatie at with the address of the blog and the date of the post where you found the logo. The person who finds the most will win a fabulous prize!

You'll find Senora Muerta here on my blog...and I'll give you a hint...she's hidden in a Bombshell Stamps' post! Good luck!!!

Don't forget- our Forum Re-launching Party will run for 3 days! Make sure to visit the Bombshell Stamps' forum to check out the challenges and games. I'll be posting a challenge here on my blog in a couple of hours, so I hope you'll stop back by and check it out!

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