This is SO me!

This is SO me!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Meade Girls Swap!

Well, yeterday I was supposed to post my Christmas Card of the Week...but I didn't. This was a very busy weekend for me...Friday night I went to Pandora Bingo- I didn't win anything, but had a great time! Saturday was the Meade Girls' shoebox swap- again, had a wonderful time! LOTS of great cards! You'll see them in a minute! Saturday after the swap we watched the Ravens play the Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs...and we lost. :( Sunday, when I should have posted my Christmas card, was a rest, my Christmas Card was not published due to laziness on my part! I never even got it made!! So, I promise to post TWO Christmas cards next Sunday!!!

Now, like I said, Saturday I spent most of the day stamping with 21 of the most fabulous ladies! There was a lot of chatting, a lot of eating, and lots of craziness going on!! But, we also made some wonderful cards, and here they are...

Here's the card that I took to the swap for the ladies to make (yes, you've already seen this once...)

Here are the cards that the other ladies brought for us to make. I hope I have all of the names right...


Michelle D.



(The elephant was stamped onto gray velvet paper- how cool!)


(LOVE this January sentiment!)




(not quite sure how she got a picture of ME exercising!)

Pete (aka Evelyn)
(this card won the prize for the PITA card, but it really wasn't a PITA!)

Paula R.

Michelle G.

(this was supposed to have a layer of purple between the green card and the yellow panel, but I forgot to put it on...)

(as cold as it is here, I wish I was at the beach!! A nice sunny, WARM beach!)




(this sentiment is SO true!!)

(our hostess!)

Amanda has already scheduled our next Meade Girls' swap for April, and I can hardly wait!!! Thanks, Amanda, for hosting a FABULOUS swap!!!
I hope to see you tomorrow for my Two 4 Tuesday post!


  1. wow fab cards made by all...i wish i could find a group to do this with...and yes we did win the game...sorry...but it was an edge of the seat worth it!

  2. The ship was me, Mary. HB was Michelle (Army)Elephant Fran, Then DM, then Cindy, little monster was Joann, Tracy for the that it? Loved LOVED your card. That little girl is so cute!

  3. How fun to have so many talented friends to stamp with! All the cards are just great!


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